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Easy WP GMaps [PLUGIN]

This plugin helps you to add google maps to your posts and pages easily. You can create locations and display the map for that location with shortcodes. You can assign categories to locations. You can show a single location, locations of specified categories or all the locations based on your requirements. You can also filter a multi location map by categories and customize the height, width, zoom level and maptype of any map.

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10 WordPress Chat Plugins for Improving Sales

The satisfaction of customers is always important for the success of any business. When you are involved in online business, a quality live chat plugin helps you to get feedbacks  from your clients and solve their problems easily.

When you put your products and services for sale, it is vital for you to have a live chat system on your website. If your customers are unable to contact you, you will not be able to solve their issues and  this could affect your business badly.

Have a look at top 10 Wordpress Chat plugins detailed here below:

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WooCommerce Product Comparisons

Over the last several years I’ve worked with independent, small and large businesses to improve their WooCommerce sites. I’ve written about some of these projects (sometimes on this site, other times in other spots) – from simple T-shirt stores to high-scale makeup stores.

So this month I’d like to create a virtual (and free) WooCommerce Help Guide – 30 different tips to help you with your WooCommerce store.

Each tip works on its own, and not every tip will apply to you.

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WordPress vs Ghost vs Medium – Which Is Best for Blogging?

WordPress vs Ghost vs Medium? There are numerous blogging tools out there, of which WordPress, Ghost and Medium are the most popular ones. Anyone looking to start a new blog can be spoiled for choice here: which one is the better option, after all?

Simply put, all three of these options – WordPress, Ghost, and Medium – have pros and cons of their own. Neither of them is perfect, but each can serve a definite purpose, and depending on the nature of the goal that your blog has, you can pick the one that is ideal for you.

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Improving User Flow Through Page Transitions

Any time a user’s experience is interrupted, the chance of them leaving increases. Changing from one page to another will often cause this interruption by showing a white flash of no content, by taking too long to load or by otherwise taking the user out of the context they were in before the new page opened.

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