WordPress Hub Magazine

WPHubMagazine.com is more than just a site about a magazine although that’s how it started out. Over the two years I have been publishing the magazine app I have expanded the content offerings as I have discovered what you the reader wants.

So I have added a newsletter to the mix along with some changes to the published content in the magazine app itself.

The Newsletter

The newsletter is only published via email and it is a hand-picked bulleted list of the best and most important WordPress information online including blog posts, PDF’s, videos, tips, strategies and security updates I can find in the WordPress world and deliver it directly to your inbox each day – FREE!

Instead of being on 100 different lists you can subscribe to one and get everything you need. It’s like having me as your very own Virtual Personal Assistant working 24/7.

The Friday newsletter is a compilation of the weeks content including Friday’s as well.


The WordPress Hub Magazine App

Currently I have been publishing an issue of the magazine on a monthly basis and occasionally some special issues that focus on one specific topic. The special issues are a tutorial including video, transcribed text and some downloadable resources.

I also included desktop access to the content in a custom membership site specifically for subscribers.

Moving forward I will be publishing a free monthly issue that is a compilation of the ‘Daily Blog Bullets’ newsletter along with some additional industry information.

Subscribers Only

Each month I will present to you…

One big WordPress problem and its solution in a video/s including the transcribed text and any downloadable resources if necessary. A solution which will help you with using and building WordPress sites and is a common problem WordPress users are having based on my surveys.

Some of these solutions will be very specific to a WordPress beginner, while most will be intermediate to advanced.

In addition to the big solution, each month I will be road testing a plugin or theme that you can use to improve your WordPress business or your own website. A road test will be a screen capture video of how the plugin or theme works; its functions and my personal recommendation.